Danamics LMX Liquid Metal Cooler Review


Here's what Danamics say about the way the pump works:

  • "When voltage is applied to the electrodes of the pump, electrons in the liquid metal start moving."
  • "When the charged electrons are moving in the presence of a magnetic field, a magnetic force is acting perpendicular to both the velocity and the magnetic field."
  • "The phenomenon, created directly within the liquid itself, creates the motion of liquid metal through the electromagnetic pump."

The pump is also magnetically shielded, Danamics claim that the LMX is over 100 times better shielded than its predecessor, the LM10.  They also go on to say:

"Shielded Magnetic Field

Compared to its predecessor, Danamics LMX features a new shielded magnetic geometry.

Radiation of magnetic flux from the permanent magnet into the surrounding air is virtually eliminated as the new iron core geometry surrounding the magnetic structure keeps the magnetic flux inside the iron core and the pump itself."

On paper, the LMX certainly does look impressive, but how will it perform?  Read on to find out...

About Danamics:

Founded on the principle of providing manufacturers of electronic hot spots the very best in cooling, Danamics started in 2005. Since then Danamics has worked on developing, manufacturing and commercialize their core technology, which centers around the principle of using liquid metal as a heat remover.

The primary target for commercial products is semiconductors in the computer industry. The urge for better heat removal is driven by the obvious benefits - higher performance, less thermal failures, longer lifetime and less noise from cooling fans. Many of these benefits are also strived for in other industrial applications, where the heat problem is a constant challenge.

As a company, Danamics is highly skilled, dedicated and informal. Today, Danamics is a part of the Dantherm Group, which was founded in 1958. Dantherm is known for its thermal expertise and holds worldwide manufacturing capacities. Dantherm is also listed on the Danish Stock Exchange. For more information about the Dantherm Group please visit www.dantherm.com

Next, the official specs...

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