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First let's put some names to the creators of this website as it's important for you to know we're real people. I'm Clunie and the captain of the ship so to speak, backed up in the best was possible by the other two members of our team Nora and Kavin. Now you know our names you might also be able to guess where our team name came from. Based on a combination of parts of our name we like to think we're something a little different, Maybe even alittle out of the ordinary. The actual meaning of the word 'clunk' has no relevance, it's quite simply a combination of our names that we thought sounded quite fun.

What are our plans with this website? Our aim is to provide our readers and followers with a one stop shop for all things relating to PC hardware, console news and reviews. Think of something relating to computers and we hope to be covering such topics. Our site will include news, reviews, guides and lots of interesting information. We've got to admit there are plenty of sites out there that run along a similar vein, but we aim to be something a little different.

We have no corporate backing and aren't an offshoot of a large corporation. We've got no axe to grind and aren't interested in lining our own pockets. We want to provide our followers with honest advice, brought to our audience in a more personal way.

To start the ball rolling we'll be looking at sports and computing. This is a favorite topic of mine in particular, as I've been an avid sports fan for many years. I like to keep abreast of all that's happening in the sporting world. And at the moment I'm an avid following of the eSports trend. Not quite good enough to participate in competitions myself, or close enough to attend the top venues. So I like to use the technology available to me to keep up to date. The first console we'll look at will be the Wii. We've all got one, so will be speaking from our own personal experiences.

We want you to enjoy reading what we've got to say and would love for you to stick around. Keep us as one of your favorites because our content will be updated and added to on a regular basis.


The Uses of Computers in Sport

Computer and sports

Whether you consider it a good or a bad thing, there's no denying that the computer has become an integral part of our everyday lives. There's very little they can't be used for. Ask many a mobile phone user and you'll be told they wouldn't be able to function without one. In some form of fashion they are used by a huge number of people and the sports industry has not been left out. Playing sports is obviously a physical activity and there's very little a computer can do to change this or make it any easier. But they can be used in a variety of ways in order to help with a sportspersons success.

How computers can be used in sport

  • Stay in touch with the sports you love - It's 21st century and smartphones are major part of our lives. It's no wonder our pocket devices help us stay connected with our favourite sports via different applications.
  • Storing statistical data – In the world of sports, statistics are important. Everyone taking part, those watching as well as sports agents need to know exactly how well they are or have been performing at any moment in time. Computers are used in sport to collect and keep track of such data. With the help of a computer a team manager is able to create a spreadsheet database where he'll be able to store all the stats for the team. If such records are kept throughout the season he will be able to use it to help him decide which players to keep and those that are expendable. Media outlets are also able to use the same kind of data when writing and publishing in-depth stories relating to the performance of certain players or teams.
  • Watching and storing video – athletes make good use of videos, both of their own and others performances. It's critical for studying others reactions, style and a number of other things. A boxer, for example, will use videos to review an opponents fights and learn his weaknesses, in order to exploit them. When it comes to football, a team coach can watch a game tape and look at how his offense could improve their passing attack. Thanks to the computer, huge amounts of video footage can be stored and accessed with the click of a button. Easy access to information is one of the biggest benefits to using computers.

Let's Take a Closer Look at The Wii Video Game Console and Wii Sports

Wii game console

In November 2006, Nintendo released a home video game console called the Wii. As a seventh generation console it was brought out to rival the Xbox 360 from Microsoft and the PlayStation 3 from Sony.

Unique features

The Wii was the first to use the Wii remote controller, a pointing device held in the hand that was able to detect movement in three dimensions. There was something else unique about the first consoles and that was the fact they could receive messages and updates via the internet while in standby mode. This function is no longer available. Other features that it had in common with other seventh generation consoles was that it as a game download service. The service was called 'Virtual Console' and allowed games from past systems to be downloaded and played.

A number of different models have been released over the years. For example:

  • The Wii Family Edition in late 2011
  • The Wii Mini in December 2012
  • The Wii U in November 2012

Why is it called a Wii?

If you're wondering why the name was chosen, let's see if we can explain. It was actually known by the code name 'Revolution' until April 2206, but the name change was done for a good reason. The Nintendo spelling of Wii is meant to resemble two people standing next to each other. In other words to present players gathering together to play. The official reason is:

"Wii sounds like 'we', which emphasizes that the console is for everyone. Wii is easy to remember by people around the world, regardless of the language spoken. No confusion".