Abit iX38 QuadGT - Living Review Continue


Today, the waiting is finally over, the board's here and I can join up with Abit IX38 Quad GT - Living Review.

The Good & The Bad

Note: updated from Very Disappointed, state to The Good & The Bad 23/11/2007 due to Ocing Performance.

Good Points
Guru - Overclocking panel - Very effective being able to tweak GTLREF & VCC Voltages in XP, saved a lot of time rebooting. Guru Changes in XP iupdate bios.
Ocing - Has a max FSB so far of 491, has beeten the Gigabyte X38 DQ6 on all comparisons so far tried. See Key points index in post#1 for more info

In no particular order
1) Poor Packaging - box too big for the mobo. Note the white marks where the board has slid and left marks in the cardboard (see top) There's about 0.5" movement.

2) USB - No Bracket, only 4 sockets in the rear panel.

3) The one that bugs me most - Fans & Mounting Wires